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TVB Online Services offers four different services across all major social media platforms. Depending on your audience, goals, and budget we can decide together what would be the best mix for your company. 

In addition, we offer supplementary services as 'virtual online marketing assistance'.

TVB Online Services

Strategic consultancy

Whether you have the capacity to execute social media & content marketing in-house, or you’re looking for an outsourced service, it all starts with a solid strategy that fits into your overall marketing plans. With a strong background in marketing and years of specialised experience in social media, we look at your goals and your resources and plan out a 3 to 12-month social media and content strategy for your business. This strategy can then be executed by TVB Online Services, or by your own team. If necessary, we can provide you and your staff with training so you feel confident that the strategy will be implemented correctly and fine-tuned when needed.

Content creation

In recent years, content has been acknowledged as a key component of online marketing for any company. From Instagram posts to blog articles and newsletters, content is important for brand awareness and engagement. It's where the conversation with your audience starts. Because of our 360° approach, all content will be aligned across different platforms and enhance each platform’s benefits.

TVB Online Services
TVB Online Services

Social media advertising

Organic reach is what we strive for, but to accelerate the conversation, social media advertising is perfect to reach a bigger audience. Whether you have a small or big budget, we will find an advertising strategy that works with that budget to give all your social media efforts that extra boost.

Community Management

Once you've started the conversation with your audience, keeping it going is key. We understand that while running a business, you have better things to do than being on social media 24/7. With our community management & customer service, you no longer have to worry about checking your messages - we will do it for you. Since about 90% of questions and comments that come in via social media are often alike, we will work together to create an internal FAQ document, after which we can do most of the work without your interference. In the few situations where questions are too specific, we will contact you.

TVB Online Services
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Virtual online marketing assistance

In addition to managing your social media & content marketing strategy, there are plenty of small tasks related to your daily activities. Perhaps you enjoy writing, but you don't have the time to upload and format the articles. Maybe you have the content ready, but don't want to bother with managing the newsletter setup. Perhaps your quotes need graphic design which isn't your best skill. All of the little things that take up your valuable time, we can take out of your hands so that you can focus on what you do best.